Cannabis Delivery Foothill Mountain Areas

We are serving cannabis dispensary delivery services in Foothill Mountain areas. We are offering variety of cannabis products menu of Sativa, Indica, Vape Pens, Concentrates, and Edibles.

If you need more information on our cannabis dispensary products or cannabis delivery services near you, please feel free to contact us.

Foothill Mountain Cannabis Delivery Service Areas

Passadena, CA.

  91001, 91011, 91101,91102, 91103

Alta Dena, CA.

  91001 , 91003, 91104

Arcadia, CA.

  91006, 91007, 91066,91077, 91732

Monrovia, CA.

  91008, 91010, 91016, 91017

Duarte, CA.

  91008, 91009, 91010


Foothill Mountain Service Area Map