Fish Bowl Dabs
What you need: a bowl (preferably a water pipe), aquarium rocks, torch lighter and a paper clip.

How-to: Once you have the items fill your bowl with the clean and dry aquarium rocks, heat them up with the torch, then use the safety pin to press on the oil and you are dabbing away.

Herb Iron Dabs
What you need: soldering iron with a porcelain tip
How to: The idea is to take an Herb Iron, (basically a soldering iron with a porcelain tip) and use it to heat your oil on the nail of the rig of your choice or the oil can be dabbed straight on the iron and sucked up like a knife hit.

Flower Dabs
What you need: wax/oil, hash, and bowl
How to: Have a bowl packed up with some green then sprinkle a little wax or oil on top — just be careful when you light it, as the oil can ignite and waste your hash.

Joint Dabs
What you need: rolling paper, oil, flower and cigarette lighter
How to: Take the paper, wrap it around your finger inside out and spread a thin consistent layer of oil on it. This type of dab does take some work though, as the oil must be heated to a runny consistency and then allowed to dry before rolling and smoking.

Head Dabs
What you need: Hot Head Bowl
How to: Load a bit of oil (shatter or wax is recommended) in the bottom, then with the glass rod glowing hot, place it inside the bowl and hit it like a normal pipe.

Pen Dabs
What you need: Wax Pens
How to:

  • Open the device so that you can see the heating chamber and coil.
  • Use the dab tool to scrape off a small amount of wax.
  • Place it on the side of the heating chamber so that it falls off the poker onto the coil.
  • Assemble the dab pen.
  • Turn on the device, usually by clicking the fire button five times.

Skillet Dabs
What you need: Glass-glass bong, double-male joint, a skillet, and a torch
How to: Heat up the plate with a torch then slide it under the bell, press the oil onto the hot plate and inhale. Repeat as needed.

Nail Dabs
What you need: Dab Rig Nail
How to:

  • Water the Chamber. Begin by adding water to the chamber of your dab rig.
  • Season Your Nail. You’ll always want to season a quartz or titanium dab nail
  • Prep Your Dab
  • Heat The Nail
  • Wait
  • Place oil on nail
  • Inhale through the mouthpiece
  • Exhale and Repeat

Health Stone Dabs
What you need: Health stone pipe/bowls/glass, stone, torch
How to:

  • Begin by using your dabber to put your concentrate on top of the Health stone.
  • Grab your Tri-Fame handheld butane torch, click it on, and hold the flame about 2 inches from your dab: if the Stone starts to light up or turn orange, your flame is too close; back it up a bit. You want to see your dab bubble and melt into the Stone.
  • After you see the dab melt, bring your flame a bit closer and “draw” on the mouthpiece with a steady pull.

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